Thursday, April 05, 2007

Land Day

Palestinian NGO's Network in the Bank and the Strip and Arabic NGO's Federation - Itijah (Direction) convene a seminar in the celebration of Land Day to discuss land day's rules. They attempt to stand against Israeli politics and violent procedures done against the Palestinian people. Moreover they agreed on the important procedures must be taken into consideration by the Palestinian Authority, in order to stand against these procedures.

The participants agreed on the effectiveness of having an organized public opposition to realize obvious proceedings. They also disagreed on the policy of the sole Israeli responsible and planner, who gives orders of forced migration in areas of the Bank, Strip, Al-Naqb and Al- Jaleel, because it leads to the distraction of the Palestinian people and deprive them from being a strong community.

* Refai fayyad Human rights researcher in Palestine
NGO's Federation - Itijah

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